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My experience couldn’t be any better. The book was easy to create and my boyfriend was very surprised. I told our love story in 50 pages and it looks perfect! We loved it!

-Joyce V.

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I made a book for my best friend. It was fun to create the characters. I loved the different pages I could choose. When I got the book I was so happy! It was great quality. My friend loved it! I can’t wait to make more for the people I love in my life! It’s the best personal gift you could give!

-Christine D.

My experience couldn’t be any better. The book was easy to create and my boyfriend was very surprised. I told our love story in 50 pages and it looks perfect! We loved it!

-Joyce V.

I design the book for my partner of 25 years for his Birthday. He loved it and we laughed so much together and he also cried with love and emotion. The book is an excellent way to tell and show someone how much you love and think of them. The added bonus is that you can design characters to look just like them.

-Sarah D.

This was amazing my girlfriend of 1 year loved it and started crying with joy when she started reading and saw all the memories it brought back. This is an absolutely amazing gift to get for someone you love. Watch their faces light up with joy and smiles and happy tears

-Sean H.

My wife loved the book I made for her. Brought tears to her eyes with the creativity it allows. Everyone who saw it wanted to know where and how I made it. Would do it again and highly recommend!

-Marc A.

Absolutely loved the quality and finish of the product. I was blown away by how professional the book looked and how clean each page was. The make of the book seems very durable and it came out so nice. The clarity of the designs were also a highlight. She loved the gift.

-Cesar A.

This was a great gift. My girlfriend loved the book. Being able to customize the text and make it personable really allowed me to create a funny and romantic gift. Thank you!

-Ron D.

My wife loved the book. She said it was the best Christmas present ever. She laughed, she cried tears of joy. It was awesome to she her so very happy.

-David L.

She told me it was the best gift she had ever received! She couldn't stop crying when she read it!

-Kenneth A.

Loved the quality of the book, very reasonable price for such amazing work! This idea is so unique and personable, you can make a book for almost any occasion. My significant other loved it!

-Valerie G.

I gave these books to my boyfriend and his daughter for Christmas. There was not a dry eye in the room. They absolutely loved them. My 8 year old step daughter takes this book with her everywhere. She loves seeing herself as the main character of her own story book. Best gift by far.

-Jessica W.

It was the perfect gift. My wife cried laughed and smiled so much. These personalized books are the best present for an amazing price.

-Earvin L.

Awesome awesome awesome awesome. I bought four books for four different people and they loved it. I loved it!! What a great idea. The gift box and gift bags were awesome as well!!!

-Louis E.

So I bought this Christmas version for my boyfriend and he loved it! I loved it as well! By far my favorite piece of work! Thank you so much for all your help, anniversary is my next book!

-Vanessa N.

This was such an amazing and great gift!! The book was a huge hit! the quality is superb and creating the characters was so much fun. The book shipped super fast and arrived before the expected delivery date. I love this and will be purchasing more!

-Chanae H.

My boyfriend is such a sentimental guy and we’ve been long distance our entire relationship. I was looking for the perfect gift and this was it. He absolutely loved reading through the pages, just as I loved creating and customizing it for him. I would recommend this for anyone!

-Taryne M.

My LoveBook was such a special gift. When my significant other received it, she immediately smiled and cried at the same time. My LoveBook captured everything that I wanted to say to her and she absolutely loved it.

-Paul C.

I absolutely enjoyed putting together the book for my significant other!!!! When he opened it and began reading he was touched that I took the time out to put together something so personal! I’ll definitely be creating another for Valentines Day!

-Anetra W.

The entire process was an amazing experience. Navigating the site was so easy. I would highly recommend Lovebook to anyone looking to express there love in an incredible and thoughtful way, to do so!

-Gerald L.

Watching my girlfriend open and read our story on Christmas morning was amazing! She loved it so much that it brought tears of joy. She said it was the most personal gift she has ever received. Thank you Love Book! What an amazing concept!

-Gord S.

Amazing product! Amazing customer service (which is hard to find these days) , amazing finished product 100% better than expected or shown online! Great quality! Will buy again! Thank you !!!

-Samantha B.

Really easy to craft, fun to use, simple to customize and VERY well-received. I love this product - and more importantly, so does my wife! Thank you, LoveBook!!!!

-Evan L.

LoveBook was the perfect gift for my partner on Christmas. The book arrive a week before estimated delivery which was a huge plus. The quality of the product was the great and is sure to last a lifetime. Thank you LoveBook for helping make my Christmas a great holiday.

-Shai M.

The love book I purchased for my mom was absolutely adorable!! I loved it so much and my mother loved it even more. Brought her to tears Christmas morning. I will definitely be purchasing another one in the future.

-Kaitlin C.

It was the best present i could have ever given! The look she gave to after reading it.... PRICELESS! This was well worth the money spent. Thank you very much.

-Dustin D.

My wife absolutely adored it, she did not know whether to laugh or cry. it sits proudly on our mantle piece now

-John D.

Brilliant product. Easy creation process. Cannot recommend LoveBook enough. Simply awesome. Keep on, keeping on!

-Glenn W.

My fiance loved it! She shed tears of happiness and laughter. Her family loved it, as well. She also loved the digital version.

-Michael M.

It was a perfect gift. It allowed me to be personal and to express my love in a creative and unique way. My partner has her book displayed and it truly means the world to me that I was able to make her feel as special as I see her.

-Dan R.

A personal keepsake like no other. My wife loves her LoveBook. This is a thoughtful gift. Time & effort, leads to surprise and wonder. You can't go wrong with this. Take the time to make it personal. Choose your words so that they hit home when it's read.

-Clifton M.

I gave this to my boyfriend for Christmas and he was so surprised as to how sweet and detailed it was. He actually cried! It was the best gift he had ever gotten. I will definitely be ordering more of these for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and birthdays. I can’t recommend enough!

-Sarah L.

I created a book for my boyfriend who loved it. The creation process was fun. The first thing my partner did was laugh out loud due to how much the characters looked like us. The story had him a little emotional. Great gift. Hope to create another one in the near future!

-Tashaya D.

Got this for my wife for her 38th birthday. I left it on the kitchen counter for her to find while I was at work. she loved and said almost started crying with joy. Thank you for existing so this product could exist.

-Sean B.

My lovebook had the desired effect; she laughed - she cried, she was proud and delighted to get her quality hardback book. Money well spent as far as I am concerned.

-Antony H.

She loved the book I made her for our anniversary more then I would have imagined. Her emotions went crazy. She laughed and cried at the same time and told me it was the best present she ever got. Thankyou very much

-Pete P.

Honestly? This LoveBook really nailed it. It was so simple to use, and the payoff was extraordinary. The process was easy, the shipping was faster than lightning, and my partner adored it. Glad I bought a membership. I sense a book series!

-Benjamin R.

This was such a hit with my boyfriend. I loved making this personal and he loved it so much, he has it displayed in his studio. I would like to make him a couple more throughout the years. This is an awesome idea & an amazing company! Thank you!

-Hannah M.

To see the look on his face when be realized that WE BOTH GOT EACH OTHER THIS LOVE BOOK FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY WITHOUT KNOWING, was priceless!!! To give and receive this book was a very rewarding feeling. Seeing your memories with someone through their eyes is priceless

-Mylaira B.

My Fiancee fainted when she received my LoveBook from me

-Pj L.

Did a Christmas book for my boyfriend telling him all the things I love about him, and he loved it! The book was so well done and printed! So excited to create more in the future!

-Kelly A.

Very thoughtful and beautifully laid out.Very touching to go through this book and to read all the reminders of why I love my partner.Perfect gift for a loved one.

-James S.

The finished product was more than I expected. The pages were on heavyweight paper and put together in in a great hardback binder. Extremely happy with the professionalism of this product!

-Billy W.

a smooth transition. delivery on time. making the book was easy and fun, and a lovely and personalised gift to give to your loved ones.

-Luz Q.

I gave this book to my boyfriend for his birthday and he absolutely loved it. His said the book was the best gift out of all the gifts he received...

-Calynda P.

I got it for my wife as one of her gifts for our 3 Year Anniversary. She loved it! Was totally not expecting a gift like this. Thank you

-Jeremy S.

I was very pleased with my purchase! The website is simple to use and the book arrived on time and was beautiful! Love everything about the Love Book!

-Simone B.

Its perfect.. The quality it great!! And it came sooner than expected. The different selections that go into making the pages and characters made it easy to construct the book just how I wanted. And most importantly my boyfriend adored the book ♡

-Aunafaith M.

I purchased a LoveBook for my wife's birthday and it was a very good decision! She appreciated the creativity, the unique thought, and the clean finished product. I will definitely be getting more books soon!

-Arabo B.

This is the 2nd lovebook I have created.Such a perfect gift..completely satisfied and I will do another!!!!

-Laura W.

My husband loved it, brought tears to his eyes. (Mostly from laughter). Was a lot of fun to make and will have forever.

-Kelly J.

My husband LOVED the book. It was so well made and perfect. Very happy!!!!

-Dora B.

Everything that I expected, my boyfriend loved it for our anniversary! Thank you! Wonderful idea, wonderful execution. No complaints ❤️

-Olivia H.

She cried as she read it and then said YES to my proposal.

-Sean W.

1st year anniversary gift, was very well received. Well worth the money, top quality. Definitely buying one again

-Cathal D.

My girlfriend absolutely loved the book I made!!! It even came 3 days early. It was delivered on our anniversary which was awesome. Thank you and I will be ordering another book.

-Crystal B.

She Loved it! It brought her tears of joy. The book came out so great. Much appreciated, and glad that something like this exist.

-Joshua C.

I absolutely loved this!!! I got to edit every page for all of our little inside jokes and add all of our special milestones. He loves it and shows it to everyone ❤

-Crystal Z.

My fiance (previously girlfriend) loved the book! She was amazed by all of the graphics/images and everything was just as I hoped/imagined, and was the perfect piece to my proposal plans! Thank you so much

-Ryan O.

My husband was touched and amazed at how personal and perfect the book was. I’ve shown friends and they are going to make books for their anniversaries. Thanks for such a great idea.

-Tiffany B.

The book looks just like I expected! The delivery was so quick! Easy no hassle and I love it!!

-Nancy D.

My fiancé loves it. She shows all her friends. And they all wish their husbands would do something as sweet. Major points guys don’t hesitate to make one for the woman you love

-Matthew P.

For my wife’s 50th birthday, I created a lovebook. She absolutely loves it!! Better than flowers, and lasts much longer. Worth every penny!!

-David W.

The book was amazing and my partner loved it for his birthday. Thank you so much. The story was perfect just the way I wrote it and created it. The pictures are very cute and fun.

-Alonso B.

I purchased this for my wife to commemorate our 20th Anniversary. She said it was the best gift she has ever received. She showed it to our children and grandchildren. We love the quality of the book, it is absolutely the best.

-Raymond R.

My husband absolutely loved it. He got pretty emotional about it. The quality of the book was amazing. Very well done. I would order again in a heartbeat. Thank you for making our anniversary special.

-Adriana S.

The book was perfect!!! My partner was so amazed that it was personalized to us!! I think I'm going to make one every anniversary!! Definitely worth the reaction I got!

-Valerie M.

Every thing about love books is amaxing! Easy to create a book lots of choice too! Mine was for my Daughters 18th Birthday & she was very emotional she loved it that much! Have since recommended.

-Jane T.

I bought this book for my husband's 40th birthday. He was so touched that he actually teared up! I loved the quality of the book and how well I was able to customize the details to make it as personal and real as possible. Thank you for a great gift!

-Rivka S.

This book exceeded expectations!!! Everything was perfectly done. I loved it and my husband even more so because it was my gift to him for our anniversary. I will definitely be making more books. Thank you very much for giving us the chance to make gifts that are worth a lifetime ♡♡♡

-Melanie J.

Perfect gift for our 20th anniversary. My husband LOVED it. He chuckled after reading each page. The quality of the book is great and each page looked just like what I saw on my computer screen. I enjoyed creating it and will definitely order again in the future.

-Angela G.

This was a total surprise for our 5th Wedding Anniversary. We had decided not to get each other anything, but when I saw this I decided I needed to get it for her. She was thrilled with the amount of thought and detail that went into her gift that will last a lifetime.

-Eric C.

I made my husband a book for our 8 year wedding anniversary. I’m happy I was able to make it so personal & im happy with the result. It came out exactly how I wanted and he loved it so much he cried !

-Briana T.

I bought the book for my girlfriend! She absolutely loved it. She cried! Kept reading it over and over again. Showed all her friends at work and they even cried. Hard cover was amazing, great quality! I definitely recommend it. Well worth it.

-Anthony R.

Thank you very much for a fun and quick service. It was great creating our love story in such a creative and unique way! My wife was very emotional receiving the gift for our 1st wedding anniversary, she cried with happiness. Thank you LoveBook!

-Stuart H.

As recent recipient of this awesome gift, I have to say that I was blown away with the ingenuity and thoughtfulness of it. It is something that I will always cherish and so thank you for such a brilliant idea! 😊

-Carol M.

My girlfriend cried, she was simply amazed and caught of guard. She never thought that something so perfect and cute as a book about her would be given to her. She smiled immensely through each page. Honestly I highly recommend this website for anyone trying to show gratitude towards their loved ones

-Jose M.

I was so impressed with this book and it made an emotional impact on my partner and friends that he shared it with on his birthday, would definitely recommend

-Craig R.

Wow. Best gift I could have ever given at any cost. My wife loved it and could not have had a better 25th anniversary so personal and so easy to create

-David B.

It is so cute and such a nice gift. Perfect gift for a anniversary, I love it and so does he. Also the quality is very high.

-Mareike B.

I gave this as a present to my bride on our wedding day. She absolutely adores it and it has given her a memory to treasure forever. Everyone she has shown it to has said what a brilliant idea it was, it really could not have gone down any better!

-Anthony G.

She loved it so much! She even cried! It was the best idea for an anniversary gift for someone who loves books! It came from the heart it was easy to make and very much worth it!!

-Maria M.

This was the best gift idea for our anniversary! I was beyond excited to give this book to my girlfriend! But the best part about it, is we BOTH got one for each other and had no idea!! Our surprised faces with tears when we realized were something we won’t forget! It was a very special anniversary!

-Shalyse O.

I bought a book to celebrate my 21st anniversary my husband loved it, he thought it was a but cheeky, funny & cute, it was a lovely gift idea & I would recommend it to any romantics out there

-Karen F.

My partner truly loved it! The quality of the book itself is amazing and it arrived before the expected date. I wish I had filmed her face, this book left her speechless.

-Valentina D.

I loved building the book.. and my husband loved it!!! it’s something that will be cherish for many years to come, and I hope when our kids get older and they can look back on our love through this book

-Terrylynn M.

This book was perfect. The quality was amazing and I couldn’t be happier. Loved it so much couldn’t wait to make it a Christmas gift. He got it right away and absolutely loved it! We’ve both read it several times a week since we got it!

-Dana S.

The book was fabulous. I live in the UK and my partner is in the US. The book was a wonderful way to send him a little something to show him how much I love him. He loved it. It arrived on time, was well produced and conveyed just the right messages.
Excellent job. Excellent service.

-Andie .

The process in making the book was easy and fun and I liked how you could save the book and go back to it again later to review/change/edit. My best friend absolutely Loved it. She said it was the most special gift she had received in all of her life and cried when she read and re-read it over and over. Great product and experience!

-Christa G.

Husband loved this as our one year wedding anniversary gift. He was laughing all the way through and teared up at the end. He said it was the best gift I had ever given him.

-Kendra H.

Easy to use, quick postage and the produced book was exceptional. My wife loved it so much and friends thought it was a brilliant concept. It was a perfect Wedding Anniversary present.

-James R.

She loved it! I wanted to propose in a way she could literally pick up and remember any time she liked. Being able to customise pages made it even more personal and I enjoyed being able to watch her expression with each turn of the page until she got to the end and the big question arrived. It was a perfect moment!

-Adam T.

My book arrived looking perfect & my boyfriend absolutley loved his anniversary present! I would definetely purchase another one in the future.

-Kaity L.

My boyfriend absolutely loved it! He has it on display in his bedroom and still continues to look at it and read it. He thought it was absolutely adorable and his smile got bigger with every page. Thank you so much for making this so special for him and for me! -Sydney

-Sydney E.

We loved it. I made it as a gift to my husband for our 10th anniversary . Very beautifully made and easy to change character and text. It will be always on the shelves to show every guest.

-Rita P.

Awesome! Loved the many options to create character details specific to your loved one.

-Arthur A.

I used the book to propose to the love of my life. She tried not to cry while reading the whole book but couldnt help resist her tears on the last page. Thank you lovebook for being a unique and creative way to pop the question!

-Josie G.

She absolutely loved it. She hugged me so tight and giggled and gushed for several minutes after going through the first few pages. The questionnaire was exceptional. The results speak for themselves. The book was personal and tailored to my partner thanks to your help. I highly recommend it

-Juan R.

The book was for our first anniversary and my wife loved it - she cried when she opened it. It is a great idea and thank you for producing it so quickly.

-Scott C.

Absolutely loved it. The quality was excellent. The size was perfect. It’s different and unique in the fact that you customize just about everything. I will be back again for sure.

-Andrew S.

This was the cutest, easiest gift to make. The quality was second to none. I know this is a gift that will be cherished. It brought a smile with every turn of the page!

-Michelle D.

My partner of 12 years literally wept and said it was the nicest gift anyone had ever given him.

-David B.

This is literally the best purchase I’ve made in regards to an anniversary gift. Being able to express how much I love my significant other and being able to make and edit the book made it that much more special. The look on his face was priceless. Thank you for making it so special!

-Maria T.

This was a fun and whimsical way to express my love to my wife on our anniversary. Better than any card, LoveBook makes it easy, fun, and affordable to provide a thoughtful gift. I highly recommend it! Thanks LoveBook!

-Gabriel R.

I brought the love book for my fiancé, it was our first anniversary! The book made him smile from the time he seen the cover til the very last page. I will be buying another for my best friends birthday!

-Asia A.

I wish I got his reaction on video :( Because he absolutely loved it. He said it was the most creative gift he has ever received. Thank you LOVEBOOK for this opportunity

-Angebel P.

My soon to be wife absolutely loved the book. She has just about showed everyone that she knows . I joked with her about taking it on a book tour.. I'm glad i found yall when i did, it was fun making the book and it accomplished exactly what i wanted it to do, it showed my lady just how much she means to me...

-Anthony S.

Purchased the hard cover with the coloured images. The software was very easy to use and allowed me to create freely. My girlfriend loved it and brought her to tears on the level of detail I was able to include. I was able to tell our story in the sweetest way imaginable.

-Khannavong K.

My partner loves it!!! Delivery is way faster than I expected, the book has been printed out with the best quality of ink and papers, I couldn't be happier from my experience with LoveBook.

-Chanika C.

My husband was thrilled with the LoveBook I made for him! He said it was the most thoughtful gift he had ever received. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a unique, personal, and truly meaningful gift for their spouse or significant other.

-Susan P.

Love, love, love it!! It was so much fun to make. You can be funny or serious. I made mine for my daughter’s 16th birthday and she loved it! The customer service was excellent. Any questions I had or help I needed they got back to me immediately. I was so impressed with how quickly my book arrived. I highly recommend them.

-Louise M.

I used Love Book to propose to my girlfriend and she said yes! I put together our timeline of events as a couple with the final page leading to THE question. Very happy with the ease of use, quality of the final product and that delivery was exactly as advised. Definitely recommend this product to anyone looking at going the extra mile for a loved one!

-Sam M.

My girlfriend is a teacher and loves books more than anything. I saw the ad on instagram and was immediately making my characters and showing our story in a book. She cried and was so thankful. Thank you LoveBook for helping my express myself and making my girlfriend so happy

-Austin W.

Great quality! Fast delivery! Perfect gift for any occasion!

-Gustavo C.

My girlfriend loved the book I mad for our 1 year anniversary! She thought it was cute and thoughtful, and proudly displays it in the living room.

-Daniel K.

Our book was absolutely a hit with everyone. We are both seniors and loved our book! You did an outstanding job in capturing our life. Thanks to all!

-Donna R.

Excellent from start to finish. Easy fun website (even man friendly). My wife loved the book. Great quality and fast delivery. Very pleased and will use again for sure.

-John T.

This is the most personal and precious gift I have ever given and it was received equally. Thank you for providing such a gift. I will be back!

-Marianne M.

This was the perfect gift for my best friend, she absolutely loved it. It is the perfect way to remind her how special she is and how important she is to me. Now whether we are near or far, she’s always in my heart.

-Diana H.

LoveBook exceeded my expectations. I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband and he ended up crying. Looking at the book brings me so much joy and I definitely plan buying more. THANK YOU LOVEBOOK!

-Andrew R.

My boyfriend loved the book I created for our one year anniversary. He was very touched by it and I was so happy that he was so pleased!

-Dianna H.

Amazing service, the book was very fast delivered and the quality of print was great !
My husband just loved it and told me it was the best present I gave him :D
Thank you very much LoveBook !

-Emilie D.

I loved how it came out and my boyfriend loved it as well he was so happy when I gave it to him!! Thank y’all so much!

-Lisa A.

My book got the exact response I was hoping for! You got the book made and shipped in great time and it looked awesome! I truly enjoyed the flexibility in design, I was able to modify it to express my feelings and tell our story with as much detail as I wanted. Ten out of ten!!!!

-Christian W.

They loved it! Very moving and funny at the same time. A treasured keepsake for sure! Thank you!

-Pamela E.

So perfect for a first wedding anniversary gift!! My husband loved it and he thought the characters were perfect! I’m very happy with the outcome of my special book. Definitely something to keep forever!! Thank you 😊

-Candice P.

So happy I done this and made the memories of us from meeting to getting married. She reads it quite often and still tears up.

-William K.

I made one of these for my husband who is overseas and he LOVED it!! I am so happy with how it turned out! :) it will definitely be cherished forever!

-Chyanne S.

Absolutely fantastic service and delivery was extremely fast. Quality product and loved by my partner for whom this was made.

-Peter G.

This was a gift for my Wife on our Ten Year Wedding Anniversary. We just had a baby so we didnt get to go out and celebrate. I surpised her with the book and she was so happy she cried! I can guarantee she will keep this book forever!

-Alejandro O.

I ordered a LoveBook for my wife’s 30th Birthday. The book was an absolute hit and arrived shockingly fast. I am super impressed with LoveBook and will certainly purchase again in the future!

-Hunter S.

Not one bad thing to say about the whole experience. Sentimentality bound by great quality. She loved it. Thanks guys.

-Kieron B.

Nothing but tears is what I got from my Girlfriend. She loved it, mostly because of the time and sentiment I put into each page. it was not just a store bought gift. It was personal and filled with things we did together that I recalled and made a point to honor each event on each page, it was a huge hit.

-Erick C.

This was the most perfect gift for my 4-year anniversary with my boyfriend. We have so many silly inside jokes. I was able to customize the pages of our book to capture those moments that make us laugh.

-Morgan B.

My children and I gave their dad/my husband a love book for Father's Day. It made him laugh, it made him cry. Now it is his reminder of our love and appreciation in times of doubt or sadness. Best gift ever!

-Bregje T.

I bought a Love book for my husband for our anniversary....and he LOVED IT!!! We had family and friends over for a dinner the next night and he actually brought out the book and showed it off to every one.!!! He just left for a month-long business trip and I noticed that he packed the book to take with him!

-Carolyn M.

This book was just the perfect Fathers Day gift! I know he’ll cherish it and already loves reading it each night to our girls. Loved making it and want to make more as the girls get older!

-Katelyn W.

My dad had to hold back tears in front of the family as he opened it but later gave me a big hug and told me, ‘That book sent me to tears mama, it was so beautiful thank you’. He loves it and I love it, thanks so much!!

-Lauren A.

My 7 year old daughter created a story for her dad for Father's Day. He travels for work a lot so we sent the book to his workplace out of town. When he opened it and read it, he broke down in tears in front of his co-workers. We're calling this a successful gift!

-Melissa Z.

It was a perfect gift ! The online tool to make the book was easy. The quality was very good and the follow-up impeccable. I would recommend you to anyone (or keep you as a - best kept - secret ;-))

-Fabienne L.

Gave my husband the book and he LOVED it! Especially because he knew our daughters helped too with deciding what to write (what they love about daddy). He now takes it with him when ever he’s on business travel and that way he has a piece of each of us with him. This is the best gift ever.

-Vanessa S.

I made this LoveBook for my husband, for our 10th anniversary. I just can't wait to give it to him. It was so much joy creating it, but when I received it (it arrived super fast) I was speechless. It was absolutely amazing. Much more beautiful as I was expecting. High quality, very, very beautiful. I am so grateful for you all for creating these wonders. Highly recommend. This is the best gift ever! Thank You!

-Mattis E.

My boyfriend was very moved and shed a tear when he read it. I’m so happy I found your website, because I’ve been thinking about a perfect gift for my boyfriend. Thank you for your amazing work!

-Inuk B.

This was so amazing to give to my husband! He did tear up a little when he was reading it! It was the reaction I was hoping for! Would recommend to anyone that wants something super sentimental to give to anyone!

-Mandy L.

I created my LoveBook for my husband-to-be, and gave it to him the morning before the wedding! He was so moved! The LoveBook was just perfect :)

-Stefania R.

I made this for my wife, and she absolutely loved it. The quality of the book is great, and it was super easy to put together.

-Matt C.

Love this concept. I was able to customize this so perfectly. My husband loved it for our one year wedding anniversary. Memories we will never forget.

-Janine H.

I was very excited to give my wife her book for our first anniversary. She absolutely adores it.♡She began to cry before she even made it half way through! The customizable options are great and product quality is excellent. You guys are awesome, will recommend your service to everyone. Thank you ever so much for a lifelong memorable ocassion:-)

-David H.

Our book came out great!! I created a book for my husband for our one year wedding anniversary. He absolutely loved it! I am so happy with all of the different options available with objects and movement of each lovemoji! I will definitely recommend this book to others and I may order another one too!

-Tyona H.

It was so easy to use. The choices of the pages were endless! It was really fun customizing the pages of my choice as well. It was fast, easy and the perfect gift for the person who has everything.

-Christine J.

I got this book for my husband and he loved it!! I made very personalized pages and he was cracking up laughing at all the details i put in the book.
It came out perfect! and the quality is really good!!! A forever keepsake. :)

-Jennifer C.

LoveBook is one of the greatest gifts you can give to someone. It’s very personal, emotional, and unique! I made my LoveBook for my boyfriend for our 1 year and he loved it! It made him so happy. Seeing him happy made me even happier.

-Melanie L.

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I created a Love Book for my wife who is my best friend, she loved it! I rarely find a gift that is as meaningful as this book. I recommend Love Book 100%

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The process was easy! I gave it to my boyfriend for his birthday with reasons I love him. He was crying at the cover. It was an incredibly special moment for us, thank you Love Book for creating that moment!!

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Got a book for my wife from my son for mother’s day. He sat and read it to her and she was about to cry (good tears). She loved it.

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My mom loved her book. I gave it to her for Mother’s Day. So far, I’ve made 3 books and all 3 recipients have loved it. Perfect gift for all the loved ones in your life.

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My wife cried when she received her Mother’s Day present from my daughter! My daughter has autism, and the story reflected exactly how my wife helps her through life. What a great gift!

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I made my Mom cry. She has shared her book with everyone. She even took it to church to show it off. Greatest present that she can keep forever.

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Incredible book to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary with my wife. The whole process was so easy and the team were really helpful when I needed to follow up on something.
Will be suggesting this to others for sure.

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I made this book 📖 as an Anniversary gift for my husband. After 39 years you. Run out of ideas 💡 so when I saw this I thought it was a perfect idea as well as creating a beautiful memory. Turns out my husband loved the unique idea and the sentiment each page held. Perfect gift for a memorable day.

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My husband absolutely LOVED his LoveBook! It was a gift for our first wedding anniversary. He loved the way each page perfectly illustrated our relationship together. He smiled, he laughed and he awwwed! Perfect gift for someone who "has it all" or is hard to shop for, they will be thrilled! Highly recommend this gift idea! Be sure to be thoughtful with your creation!

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The book is high quality and delivery was fast. Can't thank Love Book Online enough for this service.

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Could not be happier with my LoveBook!!! Ordered it is a surprise gift for my girlfriend with a marriage proposal on the second from last page. She loved every single page of the LoveBook and was blown away that it ended in a marriage proposal. Thank you LoveBooks for helping me design a beautiful record of our favorite times together and of course for helping me pop the question in one of the most romantic ways possible. Oh and for the record, she said yes!!

-Glen N.

This was a wedding day gift to the groom. He’s so many things to me and a perfect fit for this book. Us together the book was written just for us obviously, but it was us. The characters looked like us and they told our story and it was perfect for him to open on our wedding day. Loved!!!

-Nancy W.

I had got the book for my mom (for mother’s day which was on her birthday) and she fell in love with it! She loved the idea that you can customize the characters and write what you want! Let’s just say that she cried! My mom said it was the most beautiful, creative, and best present she had ever gotten! (By the way I’m 11)

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It is beautiful and very touching! Something that will be treasured for a lifetime! Everyone who saw it loved it!!!

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My husband actually got quite tearful reading this gorgeous book. We have been married for 32 years so aren't as soppy as we used to be but this really set him off!

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My boyfriend Loved the book I made for him! The quality is excellent and each page is so cute. I ordered the book a little late and didn't think it would arrive in time for his birthday - but to my surprise it was delivered in just a few days and I was able to give it to him on his birthday. I highly recommend!! Thank you LoveBook!

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Just seeing the look on her face while she reads the book is priceless.

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Cutest thing ever!! Will definitely be purchasing in the future. Great quality!

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She cried with happiness and said it was the best present she’s ever gotten! She also looks at the book everyday- thank you 😊

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This was a great unique idea. I didn’t have any reason to buy my wife this book other than to say I love you. The delivery was faster than stated and the quality was great like the old hard cover Dr Seuss books. My wife opened the package and began reading, laughter to tears she loved it. The characters were look alike and the info was specific to us. Great job, great concept, reasonably priced.

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The book came in faster than expected, it has a very good quality and we want to make another one in the future. We bought it as a wedding anniversary gift for ourselves and we both shared our ideas in the book.

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So overwhelmed with how this turned out. Absolutely amazing job. Thank you so much. Recommended you to friends and family. Just thrilled with the book. She loved it.

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I used LoveBook for our 3 year anniversary and was able to put in all of our great memories and memorable moments, including a lot of personal sweet qualities. My partner absolutely loved it, will be using it again probably for our engagement/wedding!

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She said YES!! It’s a day she will never forget thanks to you guys!

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what an amazing gift! My girlfriend actually cried a little. She loved it so much! This is one of the coolest and Most thoughtful gifts you can give you somebody.

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Very nice and cute lovebook! My boyfriend was really suprised and amused by it, he loved it! Really good quality and service!

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My wife was 2000 miles away and pregnant. The book was shipped to Australia and arrived quickly luckily on Valentines day. She cried with joy and reads it all the time. Thanks for helping me bring joy to her life in a difficult time for us.

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Wonderful concept and execution. The website is easy to use. Creating the book was so fun to make. There are so many pages of ideas. My husband said it was the best present I ever gave him! Thank you.

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I made two books. one for my husband for valentines day. One for my brother and his new bride to be. EVERYONE loved the books! they are so personal and so much more then a card. a true keepsake. it made me feel good to get such reactions. i will definitely recommend this to anyone who really wants to show some love with such a personal gift.

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My wife was beside herself, from the book I had you make, there's not enough words to express the joy she has thank you for a great product.

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I made this book for my wife on Valentines Day. She absolutely loved it. When I explained how I had to make it a choose moments, she started to cry. She loved that fact that it took effort to make it instead of just picking a card from an isle.

-Ryan L.

I loved it. The idea that my children and grand children will have this book to remember how much my Husband and I meant to each other is priceless. Thank you Lovebook! this was a great idea!

-Veronica G.

Making the book was easy and fun- I just kept smiling as I added pages! Arrived on time and tracking was a big plus. The book looked great! He opened the box and halfway through had tears in his eyes. He absolutly loved it and said my gift would be hard to beat. Best idea ever!

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Beautiful personalised book delivered in great time. It was good to receive regular updates on the progress of the book being made and shipping details. Hubby was thrilled with it!!!
I have recommended to friends and family and will continue to do so!

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It was very easy lt to do. I sent it to my husband and he loves it. I did a 50 page book, he reads it every night. He love the way I express my feelings and that the book is actually about us. I will be making another one. Thanks!

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Wonderful experience. Excellent final product. Highly recommend as a special unique gift! Easy to navigate website. You'll be surprised how creative and artistic you can become. Just as enjoyable making it as it was giving it as a gift.

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My Husband LOVED his book!! He was very surprised at every detail that has taken place along the way in our marriage. This year will be 25 years of marriage.. it was so much fun to do!!

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My wife loved the book! The quality of the actual book was much higher than I expected. Also, the amount of personalization you can do really made this gift special. I was highly impressed and would recommend to everyone.

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I gave my wife my Lovebook creation for Valentines Day. It was a huge success! She laughed, she cried then laughed again. Overall she called it the best gift I’ve ever given her. Thank you to Lovebook!

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My boyfriend loved it, it was a really nice suprise. I was so excited to see if he would like it, and he was really blown away by the book. Thank you so much for making it possible in turning an idea to a reality!

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Awesome job, very easy to make and it turned out fantastic, was shipped quickly. Would highly recommend.

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Beautiful. My big bodybuilding, Harley riding man was brought to tears when he opened his book and read it. He said it was the most personal gift he has ever been given. The man actually sobbed! Thank you for such a lovely keepsake.

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I made this book for my bf for our 1st Valentine's Day. He lived it so much, it brought him to tears. I would recommend that every couple have this experience. It was so great being able to make every single page. Now we have a book of our life & live to last forever!!!! This was the BEST gift idea ever!!!! ♡♡

-Kendy J.

I created a LoveBook for my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. She was amazed at how creative I was and and took the time to make something for her that was personal. She even read through it a couple times and showed her friends because she loves it so much.

-Derek J.

I got this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. We have been together for 2 years and it was the perfect way to tell him how much I love him. In fact he loved it so much he even shed a tear. Thank you for helping me create such a lovely gift for him.

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The designs are so adorable and I love the customisation of each page. It was delivered way faster than I expected and my best friend loved it! It was the perfect gift.

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My significant other loved the book! Customization wasn’t hard & fun to make. I definitely have raised the stakes in gifting now and don’t know how I can top for next years Valetines!

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This was the perfect gift for valentines day. My wife absolutely loved it! The process was super simple, allowed creativity and customization for our special journey together.

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The quality of the book was better than expected. The gift was really worth it and very much loved. A keepsake forever.

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Adorable graphics and overall great quality item. Love that I was able to use already made pages, but could still add customizations. Brought my husband to tears! Also great that my children are able to read it along with us!

-Rebecca C.

She loved it. She said its the "Best Valentines Gift I've given her after 14 years of marriage" ! Thanks Team, y'all made me look like a rock star. :)

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The book and customization features are incredible! This brought my partner to tears with how beautifully published and adorable this book is. My experience from start to finish was a 10+!

-Rachel C.

What a hit! Not only was this super fun to create, but the finished product is beautiful. Love Book makes it easy for everyone, with all of their ready made templates to choose from, or you can personalize it down to the smallest detail. Great quality, and quick delivery. My husband absolutely loves it!!

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I love LoveBook! I was able to give my boyfriend a special gift for our six month anniversary. It's personal and good quality. Would definitely recommend!

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LoveBook is amazing! Arrived quickly, well made, beautiful vibrant pictures, clear font. Fun to create! Would be a perfect gift for anyone! Worth the cost for the hard back book. Something that can be cherished forever. Will be ordering again.

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This was the most perfect gift! my fiance loved it. I ordered the hardcover and the quality was great. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a cute creative way to show their love to their significant other.

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Everything was perfect! The book was exactly the way I requested it. We actually got engaged a few minutes after he read it. While I know that the proposal was planned before he knew about the book, I like to think that the LoveBook sealed the deal!

-Jamiee F.

I have purchased four books... Each one is now cherished by my daughters, best friend, and grandson. Tears and laughter were expressed from each one and they tell me all the time how much this means to them. Priceless. (you create it to be very personnal)

-Janell S.

I couldn’t have expected any better. This made my girlfriend very emotional and happy to see, I can’t ask for anything better than that. Her reaction was perfect, and made the book that much better. Thank you Love Book

-Joshua M.

Repeat customer! I made one of these for my husband almost 8 years ago when we got engaged and he said it was the most thoughtful gift anyone had ever given him. I came back this year to do it for Valentine’s Day and the process was even more smooth and the product was even better quality! Its perfect because it takes up very little shelf space, but lots of room in your heart.

-Ali B.

Loved loved loved it!! My husband was lost for words and kept reading it. Worth it!

-Sumaiya S.

This was a great thoughtful gift for my husband whom has everything! I had a great time making our love book and my husband got many laughs out of it. The love book arrived sooner than expected which made me really happy!

-Kelly T.

My boyfriend absolutely LOVED his LoveBook! It’s such a great idea and it’s worth it for the price. I was able to personalize it so much it really captured our relationship. I’m so grateful and I would definitely recommend LoveBook to a friend.

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I got my order surprisingly early, I was so happy! The package was good, protected my book which looked absolutely beautiful! It was an anniversary gift to my partner and he loved it so much! Thank you for this experience!

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My boyfriend absolutely loved receiving the book for his anniversary gift, and it even made him cry! It’s someyhing we’ll both cherish it forever! Making it was one of the most wonderful time spent and I really loved how easy and loving everything was.

-Kara W.

My marriage proposal was everything I could imagine and more! My Fiance loved the book and the proposal at the end of the book took her completely by surprise. Everyone that has seen the book talks about how amazing and original it is. Thank you so much for creating such a great and wonderful gift idea! Made the whole thing that much more exciting!

-Aron M.

Awesome. Just awsome all the way around. I had almost as good a time creating the book as the recipient had looking at the beautiful pictures pages/inserts. Well worth the $ , and I would highly recommend.

-Luis M.

My husband was so touched by this gift! He actually had tears in his eyes as he was reading it! He was amazed at how much the characters resembled us and how the book portrayed our life.

-Kim B.

My Girlfriend absolutely loved it. She was so happy about this present that she started to cry. She said it was the best birthday present she ever get.
Thank you!

-Dietrich D.

Used LoveBook as part of my engagement proposal! From start to finish the process was amazingly simple. Appreciate you.
Oh and she said yes!!

-Nicholas M.

Will be a most treasured possession for years to come. Beautiful way to express feelings.

-Kate L.

Absolutely fabulous book. My partner was thrilled with it and the caricatures were scarily realistic, prompt delivery too. Perfect.

-Ian C.

It was amazing , she was completely shocked and really happy. It gave her butterflies when she was reading it.

-Kunal K.

My boyfriend loves it, he was crying while he was going through the book. Happy tears of course! I was very happy with the book, I would get another!

-Savanna S.

I had so much fun creating this book for my boyfriend for our 1 year anniversary. We had a blast reading it together! He loved it!!

-Raeleen R.

It was amazing!! I made a book for my girlfriend and she loved it!!

-Nicholas T.

My wife was really impressed with the book, surprised by the high quality and delighted with the content celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary.

-Matthew B.

I purchased this Lovebook for my wife for our first anniversary: the paper anniversary. She absolutely loved it and cried when she read it. I couldn't ask for better quality. this book will last us for many more anniversaries to come.

-Patrick N.

LoveBook exceeded my expectations! It was so much fun to make and the happy tears my husband shed were proof this was the best gift ever! It now sits on his night stand and he shows it off all the time

-Michealla L.

My boyfriend love the book, and I was really happy with my purchase. The colors were so vivid, and the illustrations super cute

-Brenda R.

I bought this product as a first anniversary gift. We couldn’t be happier with it! The pictures look exactly like how I imagined, and it was a great way to look back on memories from our years together. I would definitely recommend this product!

-Michael L.

Fantastic! Fast delivery. Loved being able to collate so many beautiful memories in the one place.

-Andrew P.

The best gift I have ever given to someone. The quality of the book is undisputed. The receiver had tears in his eyes. Thank you Love Book.

-Linda M.

The best and fastest service ever. Received within a couple of days!!! Because of what this company does, I was able to create and give someone present that they have never received. It was loved and appreciated. Amazing. For me one of the best presents I was able to give to anyone. thank you!

-Silvia S.

This was such an awesome experience! It was fun making the book and even more fun to see their face smile and light up as they read it!! Thank you so much 😊

-Melissa B.

I made it for my best friend for her 40th birthday. We have been friends for approximately 20 years so hard to find that special gift. She absolutely loved it, best gift she ever got. It was nice to take so many memories over the years and have some moments of recollection....

-Allison H.

Putting my LoveBook together was easy and fun and my girlfriend loved it!!! LoveBook is a great way to provide a unique, creative and thoughtful gift that can be customized to fit any occasion!

-Shawn M.

My husband was absolutely surprised and loved the anniversary book that was made for him. He isn’t very emotional often, but he cried! Thank you love book for helping me make such a fun and not traditionally thought of gift!

-Cassidy N.

Beautiful book, better than I thought, excellent condition, lovely characters and templates, my fiance' loved it!

-Kerrie P.

One of the most romantic ideas ever! My wife was so touched, she cried reading the book. It made Christmas extremely special for us.

-Mark W.

My girlfriend was over the moon with this gift, it was so unexpected and wonderfully personal, she claims it is the best present she ever had.

-Matthew C.

Excellent work, super speedy delivery, an excellent idea for a very personalised gift.

-Melpomeni K.

So worth it! I am so happy how it turned out! Totally exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be ordering again!! Thank you Lovebook!!

-Lakkana K.

My fiancé loved this book! I was VERY impressed with it! It was made well and came exactly as it looked...it came rather quickly as well....great gift! I highly recommend this product

-Marianne P.

This book was seriously the best gift for my boyfriend. It’s superbly cute and thoughtful and to be honest it was probably his favorite gift. Thank you for making it so special and delivering so fast.

-Caitlyn T.

Loved the product, a fun experience from beginning to end! I will definitely purchase again, Thank you!

-Rebecca S.

The reaction when I gave this to my sweetheart was priceless. It was the most original gift I have ever given.

-Sherri R.

I did this as a gift for my parents who have given the world to the kids and grandkids of the family and it brought them to tears! It was the best gift they have ever received!

-Daniel M.

Loved it! Arrived really quickly in perfect condition! Super easy to make! Partner loved it to! Would definitely recommend!

-Ashleigh F.

Bought the book for my girlfriend as a Christmas present, the second she opened the book she literally was in tears she loved it so much!

-Alec P.

The Hard Cover Book is in awesome shape, with amazing graphics and print. All of the pages are great printing as well. My fiancé absolutely loved it, she was blown away by it and said it was the best gift ever.

-Drew P.

great quality, unique gift, so fun and easy to make! would definitely recommend to friends and family, and would purchase again

-Erica C.

Hearing my 96-year-old aunt laugh as her caregiver read this LoveBook to her was the best Christmas gift I received. The book was exactly as I expected and will be treasured for years to come. The experience of sharing it was heartwarming. Thank you for the opportunity to create a true, tangible expression of love.

-Kathryn N.

What a great gift, it was so easy to make it personal for us. I cant wait to make another. We are gonna end up with our own collection.

-Blake C.

I used lovebook to propose to my gf and she said yes! She loved it!

-Karen P.

It arrived 3 days earlier than expected which was amazing! I absolutely loved it , the quality was amazing and the colours were stunning! Got it for my boyfriend as a Christmas present and he absolutely loved it!! Definitely recommend as a beautiful gift to give to a loved one.

-Khadija A.

My wife loved it, she cried but in a good way, thank you so much for helping me to put down my feelings toward her in such a unique way. The only problem now is how do I match it next Christmas?

-Stephen W.

Gift for my fiancé at Christmas. Stated it was the best present he had ever had and there’s no way for me to top it..very well put together and a fabulous little book. Very easy to order and delivered quickly.

-Laura K.

Amazing, thoughtful gift! My girlfriend loved it so much it made her cry. Going to be so hard to top this. Thank you!

-Matthew R.

This was a Christmas gift for my husband to say thank you for being an amazing partner and dad. He absolutely loved it and has been showing everyone- thanks for making today special!

-Kelly M.

My husband absolutely loved his book! A great gift idea if you’re looking for something special. I ordered in the UK & couldn’t believe how quickly it arrived! Would definitely recommend :)

-Emma T.

My wife absolutely loved our love story book. She said it is one of the best presents I ever gave her.

-Gustavo D.

My love book was everything I wanted and more. I was not expecting it to be as perfect as it is. I highly recommend lovebook to anyone that wants to give a special something to their special someone.

-Brian M.

My girlfriend absolutely loved the book! I got it for her for Christmas. I also enjoyed seeing the book in physical form. It was high quality and made really well.

-Jesse M.

I absolutely love it! First time ordering and will most defenitely order again! It’s the most unique and creative way to let someone know how you feel!!!

-Ailin R.

It’s a fun way to be creative and show someone that you love them! I loved creating the characters and retelling “our” story in my own words. Did he love it? Of course he did. And I hope to make a series of them now.

-Bernessa W.

The quality of the book was impressive. Creating and customizing the content was very easy. Your templates are so simple to use. My wife loved the book. It will be one of her most treasured gifts. Thank you for designing and delivering such an emotionally powerful product at a price that was more than fair.

-Eric B.

My wife absolutely loved it! The book came as promised, totally unmarked so she didn't know what it was, the quality was absolutely amazing with colour and print being very clear and precise. I would recommend this to anyone (and be sure to get the hard cover cause it finishes the book perfectly).

-Darin S.

I love it so much. It’s better than I thought. The pictures are so colorful and bright. I love the softness of the cover. Thank you so much. I’m giving it to my husband for Christmas. I can’t wait. He’ll love it.!

-Kathryn P.

My husband said it was the most , unique , unexpected and wonderful gift hes ever gotten from me. He and I both laughed and cried as we read the book.

-Jamie B.

This was intended to be a Christmas gift for my father. He ended up having to spend a few days in the hospital, so to cheer him up, I let him open his book early. It brought tears to his eyes, and we really bonded over it. This book is now one of his favorite gifts ever. I love it!

-Amea J.

My partner loved his LoveBook! He really appreciates how thoughtful it is and I’ve caught him reading it a few times now! I highly recommend LoveBooks to anyone who wants to let their partner know how much they love them.

-Ashlea H.

The book helps you say the things that sometimes as couples we forget to say over time . So original and meaningful and to the point . Your partner will immediately cry with joy !!! Thank you

-Victor M.

Delivery was fast, loved the order!! Definately recommend it!:)

-Becca A.

Excellent quality & really happy with the book. I will be back for other occasions. Good value for money.

-Martin M.

This was the perfect gift for my daughter’s 21st birthday. I was able to customize it to fit our relationship. She absolutely loved it. What a great keepsake!

-Elizabeth R.

The gift was a hit! Making it was easy and fun. I loved all the little personalizations it allowed. The finished product was the most personal gift I could possibly have given, and it was deeply appreciated. Thank you sooo much!

-Eva S.

Words can’t explain her reaction when she opened the box and saw the book. She read the book and started crying and so I started crying. She absolutely loves it and so do I. This is a keepsake that she can keep forever.

-Pearlie T.

My daughter absolutely loved her book!! It made her cry!

-Cynthia O.

I made the books for my children, so in years to come when I am gone they will know and remember that their mother loved them and supported them ..... the books were perfect thank you

-Ilana L.

My husband said his book was the best gift he ever received. It arrived before the estimated date and very good quality. Exactly what I ordered. Would highly recommend and worth every penny!!

-Perry B.

My girlfriend immediately began to cry when she saw the book. Amazing job all around. So happy with how it turned out. Thank you for a wonderful memory

-Leo D.

Love, love love the book that arrived. Great quality and so sweet. Will definitely order another in the future. One of a kind gift. Thankyou

-Karen B.

Easy and fun to put together! I was able to choose our hair color and type, eye color, shirt and body types and shoes. He is going to love getting this for Christmas. Thank you!

-Jennifer B.

I started my book about 2 yrs ago with lovebookonline. With all the new upgrades/and color added I had to finish. I gave it to my husband for our 35th anniversary and his birthday. He absolutely loved it and so do I. I was able to create “figures” that actually looked liked us. AMAZING finish.

-Wanda W.

My husband loved it! “Best gift ever” he said! Will definitely recommend this to friends and family! Thank you!!!

-Cassandra E.

My boyfriend loved the book as an anniversary present. He smiled reading every single page. A great gift idea and a great way to personalise a thoughtful present. 100% recommend!

-James D.

Made the book and purchased it for my wife for her birthday. She absolutely loved it and said it was the best gift ever. I see her carrying it around with her and reading it quite often.

-Bret B.

I was extremely happy with my love book! Thank you very much, my partner loved it, even made him shed a tear ❤️❤️

-Tachaella E.

So I havent given it to my girlfriend yet, as its a christmas gift but, ive shown it to many family members and friends and they all think she’ll love it! Im very excited to give it to her :)

-Kit B.

Thank you so much for creating this special book for me! It came very quick and arrived in perfect condition. I was very filled with joy as I turned the pages and got to see my story come to life! It was everything I expected. 😊

-Fawn G.

These books are so much fun to make and even more fun to give. I love the personalization and how you can detail the people to you and yours. Thank you for such a wonderful product and a great gift idea l!!

-Brea M.

Everyone that I showed it to loved it! The receiver was brought to tears! Very awesome personalized gift!

-Adriane T.

So much fun to create and the website was very easy to follow! Delivery time was very quick and I was so pleased with the finished book! I would definitely use this company/website again and I would recommend it to everyone!

-Harriet L.

I made a book for my husband as a Christmas gift and he absolutely loved it! He even got teary eyed! I would recommend this to anyone. It is a very personal and original gift.

-Skyler M.

I am over the moon with the quality of the book I made and the service I have received! I had so much fun making this book as I was able to make my own personal story using the pictures that were available. There were happy tears when my wife read the book as well as lots of laughter (which was a good thing!)... To top it off my delivery arrived 1 week before the expected delivery date! I would definitely highly recommend this company!

-Cassie S.

I received my book and it was far past my expectations! I was soo pleasantly surprised. It’s absolutely beautiful and genuinely looks like an actual book. It’s printed beautifully the pages are gorgeous and I couldn’t be more thankful to love book!

-Michele D.

My book came out perfect! The quality is fantastic and the pictures are so cute, I got this as a Christmas present for my significant other and I know he will love it. Great quality and great template to use.

-Alexandra C.

He was in tears almost instantly. Then came the laughter, then the tears, then the laughter, etc. I’ve never been so excited to give a gift and no gift I’ve given has ever been received so well.

-Janelle E.

It made me cry when I got the love book. I had no idea how awesome it was going to be. I haven’t given it to him yet because it’s a Christmas gift but I know he will love it. Thanks so much for this wonderful product

-Melinda N.

Absolutely loved it, it looked amazing and came when it was expected. I would definitely recommend this book as a gift

-Al G.

I honestly can’t thank the LoveBook team enough for how perfect my book was! Everything about it was high quality, even the delivery! I can’t wait to see the receivers reaction to it on Christmas! It’s by far the best present I’ve ever got someone! No faults at all! :)

-Chloe F.

She loved her book. Brought tears to her eyes. I’m really happy she loves it.

-Jacqueline H.

i decided to animate our story so that the love of my life can keep me close and smile on his tour overseas. He absolutely loved it!

-Zuleika B.

I saw this advertised on Facebook and was like this is unique and up my street! Making my book brought back memories and a huge smile to my face as I created each page. The characters I created were amazing and gave the book that extra touch. This is a Christmas present but I know my special friend will love thus once opened! Worth every penny xx

-Chanel C.

The software was easy to use, the pages were great and easy to personalise. It arrived a few weeks before it was estimated to and as a gift goes it's fantastic. He absolutely loved everything about it from the hard cover to the illustrations. Thank you for helping make a very special gift.

-Lauren K.

It was even more that I was expecting!!! She loved it!!!

-David L.

The lovebook was for my soulmate, my best friend since 22 years. She was absolutely happy to get a present like this. Thank you guys. Greetings from Germany

-Filiz C.

I presented my husband with his Lovebook on our Anniversary inside the same gazebo where we were married on November 30th the photos I took are priceless he was overcome with emotion and shocked he loves his book and proudly displays it next to our wedding album

-Elexis S.

He loved it! I wanted to do something special for his 40th and this was it! He said there is no store that could give him a gift like this and he will always cherish it! Thank you!

-Tracy D.

Married to my best friend for 25 years. He is very difficult to buy a gift for & I'm always looking for ways to show him he is loved. This little book about our love story accomplished both! He loved it!

-Micah D.

I purchased this book for my husband, but when my 8 year old son read it he was very emotional over it. So I had to come back and make one for him. They were both very pleased. Thank you

-Shannon D.

My wife and i have only been married 1 year(paper anniversary) but been together 23 years, she said through teary eyes it was the most personal and loving gift i have given her.i would recommend this to any one :)

-Damien M.

I’ve purchased 2 books from this site and absolutely LOVE them! The colors are bold, binding is great, and pages are nice and durable! If you haven’t already purchased a book from these guys, do it!

-Lacey W.

Received the book in less than a week, and it was more than I expected. My hubby loved it, and it will be a forever keepsake!

-Chantal P.

Our book came out perfect and it was so easy to put together. I surprised my boyfriend with it and he couldn’t stop smiling at how cute it came out. What a great way to record our first year together. Will definitely get another one next year!

-Candy N.

Will definitely be recommending LoveBook to my friends and family. My book arrived earlier than the date given which I was very happy about. The book itself it’s better than I expected, it’s wonderful quality and a nice size. I bought it for my boyfriend for Christmas so hopefully he’ll like it just as much as I did.

-Jane R.

I gave this to my boyfriend as a gift. He loved it! It was fun to design, priced just right, and fast shipping. The pages and hard cover are really good quality. I will definitely design another one for friends and relatives. Highly recommend.

-Georgia K.

I got my girlfriend a book and she absolutely loved it, her reaction was the cutest, the details in the pages were amazing, fast shipping and extremely happy with the product! Nothing but amazing things to say about Lovebooks! Thank you for helping make one of the fondest memories for us!

-Kristen R.

What a lovely gift for my husband!! I was really struggling with what to get him this year and the love book was perfect. He cried!

-Kelli H.

This is such an amazing idea!!! I made the book so personal, just about us, with our own inside jokes and experiences. I cant wait until Christmas morning when I can give it to my husband of 14yrs!! What a beautiful and unique way to celebrate US as a couple!! Thank you for making this possible!!

-Katie H.

I got this for my husband for our 6 year wedding anniversary and he absolutely loved it. He loved the book it touched home as we did it long distance for a few years so I was able to personalize it to make it sweet, remember special moments and to also make it a bit cheeky. It came in the mail really fast which was amazing and the hardcover was absolutely beautiful. It was perfect. Thank you so much. It will be kept and cherished forever.
Kind Regards,
Rachael Andrews

-Rachael A.

I literally brought my husband to tears. I gave it to my husband as a 1st wedding anniversary gift - the first year is symbolized with paper so I thought I would give him a book. Needless to say it went over very well.

-Sheena R.

Great gift idea it was super easy and fun to make. The book quality was amazing.

-Diana R.

I created this book for my husband. He us retiring from the Army this after 23 years of service. I just wanted to show him how much him and the things he does means to me. He is an amazing man and I love to remind him of that as much as possible.

-Cynthia H.

This exceeded my expectations! I will be ordering more! It was well worth the money and made everyone happy.

-Krysten K.

I purchased a love book for my boyfriend as one of his birthday presents. He loved it! He thought it was so cute! He loved how I got to personalize the two people to look like us and how I was able to personalize the text to match our lives. I was very happy with the end result. It was as cheesy as I wanted it to be! Thank you so much! It put a big smile on our faces!

-Caroline C.

So pleased with the product and the quality, my wife loved it. Excellent service and the delivery was so fast. Well done for a great product and service.

-Simon B.

I wrote my wedding speech in your book, and gave it to my husband as a gift so he'd always have it - And he absolutely loved it! It was perfect!

-Cecilie J.

My grandmother loved it!!! Thanks!!

-Janelle R.

I got one for my husband for our 5 year wedding anniversary, and he loved it! He loved how customized it was (I was able to include all our silly jokes) and I loved how super easy to customize and that it shipped even faster than expected!

-Krystina H.

A great gift to celebrate any occasion. Take the time and you personalized experience will be priceless!

-Valdir C.

She loved it. Unknown to me, she had ordered one for me as well. The books arrived on the same day. It’s was all hugs and kisses.

-Carolyn W.

This book was very fun to make... was so excited when I realized I can edit all the templates and even the people expressions!! The book was a great gift!! The receiver loved it!! It was very well made. I would definitely recommend it!

-Kristen F.

I created the book as a gift to my husband for our one year anniversary. I thought it would be a really great way to celebrate the paper anniversary, to make a book. My husband absolutely loved it and was blown away by it. The amount of personalization and memories you are able to recreate is amazing. It was a lot of fun to work on the gift and it made me so happy how much my husband loved and appreciate the book!

-Breana B.

I made this for my boyfriend for are anniversary and he is coming home from basic training/ait. i love that you can customize your characters and create your own pages it came earlier than expected the pages are so nice and I’m glad i got it in hard copy and i know he will love it once he gets home

-Mercedes G.

I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He is going to love it.

-Sarah H.

I love it!!! And my partner loves it!!! Was so excited to see what my lovebook looked like in print and wasn’t disappointed in the slightest, I’m so happy with it, it’s perfect!! Would 100% recommend a lovebook to someone wanting to purchase something a little bit different and personal ....well worth the money which I initially thought was a little expensive but worth every single penny..... a lovely unique gift for my partner

-Georgia B.

The book was absolutely beautiful & memorable. My receiver loved it. Thank you all so much. It was a once-in-a-lifetime gift.

-Evelyn T.

This was perfect for a first year wedding anniversary present! My husband loved it! Thank you!

-Brianna P.

This was adorable. I was so excited to give the gift and everyone agreed it was such a creative idea. It’s a wonderful memory to have and keep. I will definitely be creating more of these to melt more hearts!!!

-Lisa T.

I purchased this for my husband because he was having open heart surgery and his birthday all in the same week and this book really exceeded my expectations and my husband loved it! 100% better than any card you could ever purchase!

-Trisha A.

Got this book as a just because for my girlfriend. As soon as she started to read it she started balling. She was more than happy with it!

-Josh P.

She loved it!!! 10/10 doesn't begin to capture our satisfaction with the final product!

-Arif B.

The book is absolutely perfect. I‘m more than happy! The quality is amazing! The book is easily customized and was shipped to Germany super fast! An amazing idea/present... I love it!

-Marlen A.

I made it for our 1st anniversary with my boyfriend. Currently, we live in a long-distance relationship, so it was a huge surprise for him! He thought it's a diary, but when he opened, he couldn't hold back his tears. He was totally speechless and loved it from the first sight. Thank you that I could make a detailed, lifelong memory book for us! I loved editing our characters, and it was just amazing to fill up the blank pages with my thoughts, and arrange scenes in the way I wanted. This was the best gift ever according to him. It worth to spend time to make those blank pages filled up with personal memories. I recommend to everyone who want to surprise her/his loved one with a special gift. It'll be so wonderful to read it through together after so many years too.

-Viktória S.

I bought a LoveBook for my mum’s birthday. She laughed and cried and said it was the best book she’d ever read! The book was great fun to make and looked brilliant in person. I’ve already started making my second book for my Nan’s Christmas gift.

-Charlotte J.

I loved my book. It let me customize everything from features to clothing to text. I was able to really make it my own book.

-Dorin N.

I found your website and knew that this would be something my wife would cherish forever. This book was a surprise 60th Birthday Gift for my beautiful wife, friend, of 37 years. When she opened the wrapping she started opening each page with a smile and sometimes a chuckle. She loved the characters and quotes. She has shared the book with her friends at her surprise party and they all were surprised and asked where I got the book from. Having explained everything they all made a positive comment about writing our story of Love together. A cherished momentum of our friendship and Love.

-Brian H.

My husband cried when he opened up his book entitled "The Story of Us". He bragged about it to his eldest daughter, my mom, my 2 sisters & his mom. He told me it was the best gift I could have given him. On top of that, I had such a blast creating it...Thank you LoveBook!!!

-Kelly A.

This whole process was amazing. The book arrived earlier than expected! I was so excited that my fiance got the present early. It was sweet and sentimental. I highly recommend!

-Brittany A.

I loved making the book for my significant other. It's such a good quality and the colored version is beautiful. I'm sure my boyfriend will love it as well. I would definitely recommend this.

-Magdalena L.

The Lovebook is amazing. I was in awe at how many stock pages matched our relationship perfectly. It needed very little customization and the finished product is fantastic. Would highly recommend.

-Barrie M.

Superb execution! My boyfriend was so happy and surprised to see himself and myself portrayed in this book with all our quirky, inside jokes.

-Irina T.

this was perfect!! it was for my partner for our 6 year anniversary. it turned up a week early which was brilliant as it wasn't expected to arrive till the day we went away for our anniversary. he basically cried when he read it and he keeps showing it to everyone!! couldn't be happier.

-Jessica P.

I am stumbled upon this website by accident and I am so glad I did. I worked on my book for my boyfriend for over 3 months. I took the time with each page making it special and unique to our story. The look on his face as he flipped through it the first time brought tears to my eyes. He loved it and I loved making it.

-Heather M.

I am so happy I found out about this company! I made a book for my boyfriend for our 4 year anniversary and it was everything I hoped it’d be. My boyfriend was so surprised and read through it immediately—he said it was the sweetest thing he’d ever gotten. I even caught him looking through it a few more times since receiving it. I picked the traditional look—the characters are so cute! It looks really simple but I (not anyone we’ve shown it to) literally can’t look through it without getting teary-eyed! Such an adorable, sentimental gift! I can’t wait to make one for my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary!

-Marisa M.

At first they sent us a book with someone else’s story in it but I concocted them and they responded right away. We received the correct book within a few days of the email. They dealt with it in a very professional and timely manor! My wife loves her book and we couldn’t be happier!

-Amber C.

The book I created turned out very nice. I love how you can put your own spin on all the details from the font to the pictures. My partner loved it :)

-Summer V.

I made a Love Book for my boyfriend for our 1 year anniversary after seeing an Ad on Facebook. I wasn’t sure how the book would turnout but when I received it, I was incredibly happy with the results. The book arrived sealed in plastic in a box that was secure inside another box so it was safe from the elements. I bought the hard cover version and it came out beautiful. The print was clear on all the pages and looked exactly as you saw on your screen creating them, the colors on the cover were bright, and the binding was secure. I gave it to him over the weekend and he said it was the most thoughtful gift he’s ever received :) I’d say it was a success! Worth every single dollar! Thank you!

-Heather G.

I purchased a Love Book for my husband for our 1st wedding anniversary. He absolutely loves it! Its great that there is the option of writing your own personal message on each page of the book, which makes it all the more personalised and special!

-Kelly P.

I gave my boyfriend a love book listing all the reasons i love him for his birthday. I wasnt sure how he would react. I had concerns that he might think it was too sappy for his taste. However, he absolutely loved it! He said it was a perfect gift and the best thing i could have given him. He said he was going to keep it in his desk at work for when he needed a "pick-me-up." I listed funny things i loved about him as well as sentimental things which made a nice combination. These books are fun to make and fun to give!

-Donna L.

I decided to give Lovebook a try as a present for my boyfriend on our anniversary. I was a little apprehensive at first as I hadn’t heard much about Lovebook before and the prices seemd a little high. After receiving the lovebook in the mail, I can honestly say it exceeded my expectations! It turned out beautifully! The personalized hardcover was stunning as well as the glossy colorful pages! It was such a high quality product worth every penny. The best part is my boyfriend absolutely loved it! Thank you Lovebook for the perfect anniversary gift!

-Devin K.

It was brilliant! Arrived two days earlier than expected and when she opened it she cried happy tears. In her words she felt “loved and special and just really happy”
I will definitely be ordering again

-Wayne C.

My wife are I are going through a very difficult time. We don’t know what the future holds, but I’m still madly in love with her. I got her this book as a reminder that I still believe in our marriage ... let’s see what the future holds.

-Juan P.

I gave my boyfriend his love book for our first anniversary and HE LOVED IT! I do too! We have had so many adventures in our first year together, so it was absolutely perfect to combine all of our adventures and why I love him so much. I love that you can make custom pages. It really makes such a unique, personal gift that really no one else can re-create. I will definitely be making another one in the future! Fun to make and even better to give!

-Julie S.

It came exactly how I made it! My husband is overseas right now in the army, so I made this book for him for Christmas. He hasn't gotten it yet, but I KNOW he will love it! Thank you!

-Madisin E.

This was the perfect 'just because' gift. The steps to create the book was simple and easy to follow. This was a great idea!

-Lena W.

I created a book for my boyfriend and I's 1 year anniversary. He absolutely loved it and I plan to do something creative like this every year we are together. Love Book allowed me to be unique with our story and I could illustrate our relationship and my gratefulness for him within the book I made. I told my mom about it and she loved it and plans on making one for my dad for their anniversary! It was really fun to make and it's something you can keep forever! I would 10/10 recommend creating one for your significant other :-)

-Anika H.

I love this product! This is my second purchase, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to give a loved one a thoughtful gift. I first bought the soft cover, but for this second purchase I bought the hard cover and it is 1000% better! It is worth spending the extra bucks for a better looking, longer lasting book.

-Stephanie S.

My partner loved his LoveBook! Creating it was great fun and you can make the characters even look like you which makes it that much more personal! It's a fantastic idea and a truly lovely gift to be able to give. The book is excellent quality and the service is great! Thank you!! :)

-Gemma B.

This was not just a great product (which he loved) but also a great experience for me to create. As I started and saw how much you can create and personalise the pages I had so much fun with it and makes you think of great moments to add to to the book. Delivery was also really quick (much quicker than estimated). Thank you!!

-Leah M.

My husband is in prison, sending him this book was a blessing..such an awsome experence..

-Erica Q.

Every time I have ordered from your site, it leaves the receiver moved by the details and liking to the characters you can select :)
Such a wonderful and unique concept and one I will continue to use and recommend to friends and family.

-Katerina T.

I made this for my boyfriend as a "just because" gift. He absolutely loved it! He keeps it with him wherever he goes. He was having a bad day at work and pulled it out and started reading it. It put him in a better mood and made him feel good. It is truly a great gift for anyone!

-Elizabeth E.

I got the book for my boyfriend. It came in when no one was expecting it. Inside this protected very well wrapped book. It made him tear up! He reads it everyday I'm not home or when im working. You guys have made the best gift possible

-Mary P.

My wife only focused on this gift. Not the kids or the breakfast in bed. She kept looking through it over and over!

-Adam N.

I created two books. One for my boyfriend, the other for my mother. Both of them loved the books. I was excited when they were delivered. I am very pleased with the quality of the books and how easy it was to create them online. I’ve already recommended this product to a few friends.

-Ivana O.

I got this book as a surprise for my boyfriend. This man is more than amazing, and I wanted to show him in a silly, non traditional way that he means the world to me and that there is nothing better than him. He called me when he received the book and was very excited. He has already cashed in some of his coupons & wanted to know if they were reusable. I told him since I know the author of the book, I'm sure the coupons can be used over and over!! He said he keeps it in his truck so he can look at it often and remember that he is loved so much by me. (He said his favorite part of the book, is that I was able to make him black & me white, since we are an inter-racial couple) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

-Amanda F.

This is my second lovebook and this concept is amazing! It's so much fun creating the book and the best thing is to see the receivers big smile and all the emotions around it.

-Hanna G.

This was a really awesome gift, wish I had taken more time to customize more pages but needed to have it ordered by a certain date to make sure it arrived in time.
Super easy to use, and the amount of pre-made pages really made creating a 101 book incredibly quick. My wife loved it, she is already planning on additoanl books for other family members!

-Garrett P.

I saw the ad for making a book. I then visited the site and created it. It was extremely easy and super fun. My boyfriend loved his book. And now I'm an author! I can mark that off my bucket list lol. I'm super thankful for this site. I will be making another one for my daughter.

-Shannon R.

My boyfriend (now fiancé) loved the book - especially that it's very personal but with fun illustrations that I could never have drawn myself. Thank you!

-Jane K.

My wife and I have known each other 44 years. We met in high school and I’ve gotten pretty creative with gifts over the years. Lovebook is one of the most unique, personalized, fun to make and fun to give gifts ever! Seriously.
As a former Art Director for print and TV, I am impressed with the quality of the product. The price is outstanding... but more than anything, it was seeing my wife overcome with emotion. She read the entire book 3 times before putting in down. It’s a keeper and will be treasured forever. Great job and thank you!

-Tami P.

The book is so well made I love it and it came so quick. But my husband has not seen it yet as I got it for our 30th anniversary which is next april

-Helen Q.

It was great. It arrived much earlier than I had expected and in perfect condition. It was a gift for my dad and he absolutely loved it and even cried a little (something quite unusual). Thank you very much for this experience and I'm sure I will be ordering from you guys again some time soon.

-André S.

I gave my book to my husband at our wedding. He cried and i don’t know how I will top this gift.

-Brandy H.

The book was absolutely perfect! From designing to processing to engaging with customer service it was seemless and I would 100% recommend Lovebook!

-Jade R.

My girlfriend and I are a long distance couple. Throughout this year, we've both worked towards finally meeting each other. In two weeks, we're finally meeting and we can't wait. As a surprise, your book is a gift for her. Through the year, I've assembled all the reasons why I love her. It turned out pretty great and I can't wait for her reaction. Thank you!

-Joep R.

I gave the book to my boyfriend as a random gift and he love it! I decided to write our story in a sarcastic key and he laughted so much.
The quality of the cover and paper is very good and the ink in every pages is perfectly pressed.
The package arrived at home 2 weeks before the date expected.
Largely suggested, I think I'll buy another one!!! Very very satisfied, all of my friends now know about LoveBook!!!

-Giada G.

If there is one thing my fiancé loves more than anything, it is books; he absolutely loved his Love Book. As soon as he opened it, his words were, “You did not”. With tears in his eyes, he then read through the detailed account of our first year together. This is the best present idea in the history of presents. Not to mention, i received it FIVE days BEFORE tracking told me I would. 10/10.

-Jordan H.

She said yess 😁

-Robert A.

This book was beyond what I was expecting! It was the best quality I could have hoped for and my partner absolutely loved it 😍

-Chloe K.

Excellent service! The book arrived quicker than expected, the illustrations are great and I LOVED the range of ideas given on the site when creating the book! Perfect present.

-Penny D.

It looked exactly as it showed on your site. I got for my boyfriend and he loved it. It put it up beside other gifts I've gotten him. So happy with this book.

-Cassee T.

I was really excited to have stumbled upon the Love Book and had so much fun making it! When my boyfriend opened his birthday gift he was wonderfully surprised! He thought it was so awesome and thoughtful and now he reads a page (he likes to call it a chapter) from his new favorite book every night. Definitely a winner!

-Bambi S.

I sort of made mine into a silly, fun book for a 50th wedding anniversary, as they are not serious people! And they LOVED it!! I plan on ordering more when the appropriate occasions arise!

-Gina M.

I had it shipped to my long distance boyfriend, and he absolutely loved it! With the distance between us, it gets a little lonely at times so this book was just a reminder of how much I love him. He can pick it up and look through it when he’s feeling down.

-Rosa D.

The love book was SO worth the money! I got a book for me and my boyfriend's one year anniversary and he cried when he saw it! The book was such great quality and I would definitley buy it again!!

-Kathleen G.

It was such a wonderful idea and was very much appreciated and liked by my boyfriend.
The book's quality was superb and very nicely put together. Shipping was very timely (received 3 days before delivery date)Thank you

-Suzanne J.

My sister loved the book, she was deeply touched. She will treasure it forever.

-Jacqueline S.

We are separated by oceans and other unfortunate circumstances. My loved one absolutely loved the book and the figures look just like us. He reads it daily when he is missing me and proudly shows people out love book! It’s my first but won’t be the last one I send to him! Thank you for the amazing service and exceptional product x

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Thanks lovebook ❤️

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The book turned out amazing! I’m not very creative so I was happy that most of the ideas were already there, and I just had to customize them. An amazing idea and an original gift. Anyone would feel special to receive something like this ❤️

-Valeria B.

It was absolutely perfect ! :) as it has blank pages on the left I added photos to the little cartoons so he could see it more vividly and the spare pages I added photos of us with the headlines of beginning, after one year and two years. It was perfect, I even added our bucket list in along with our 2 first holidays together:) and since he’s always abroad he takes it everywhere he goes as we’ve never spent more than a summer together for the past 2 years as he comes every 2 months for 10 days or so, so that book has become very special for him! Thank you dearly x
Shaniah Ballester x

-Shaniah B.

The book is marvelous! Just as I ordered it, really nice! The whole package is great (easy to create, easy to order, actually relatively cheap, shipping is super fast - I received it a week before the sceduled arrival time). All in all, it's a great experience and I'm really sattisfied with my purchase. I can't wait to give it to my loved one.
Great job, Lovebook team, thanks!

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Ordered this to give to my wife on our true anniversary the day we met 10/29/18 we were married less than a year. She laughed and smiled through the entire novella. This was quick and awesome. As an Uber/Lyft driver I have definitely shared with some of my riders to think out side the traditional flowers and candy for the investment of our LOVE. She loves it and I am one happy man! Thanks genius idea!

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The books is amazing and incredibly original.
I decided that for our first year anniversary I would get my girlfriend one. I would recreate the moments of the years and also tell her why I love her so much.
I was so excited and I couldn’t wait her to see it.
She loved of course but because SHE’D ALSO GOT ME ONE!!!
That was the cutest and unbelievably moment ever.
We both gave each other the same present (almost the same cover even) and we didn’t even know it.

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This would have been the third book I have bought for my wife. The first was my 100 reasons why I loved her, the second was for on our wedding day when at the end I surprised her with a wedding car to pick her up it was timed perfectly as it said I love you now look out of the window and arrive to our wedding in style, the third one was for our first year anniversary when at the end I surprised her with a trip to London. She said beforehand that if I got her a book she’d love it and start crying. It’s fantastic and perfect gift to surprise people with. I think now I will have to get one for her every year we think they are fantastic thank you.

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Definitely a unique gift that my girlfriend was not expecting at all. Hoping to eventually give her a Chronicle of us as we live it and maybe our kids can read.

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Best gift ever!! I got this for my husband as anniversary gift and the response was better than expected!!! I just love the whole idea of the book and putting it together was a lot of fun!! I really recommend this gift for any occasion or just because! Works great as a bedtime story too wink,wink. So satisfied.

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I wish everyone could experience this reaction to the book. Thanks guys, awesome idea for a unique gift!

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