In 2007, four friends and colleagues set out to create the most meaningful gift to express one's love for another. Instead of just saying "I love you", they wanted to get to the deeper meaning of love by helping people express the reasons why they love each other.

Rob, Chris, John, and Kevin began working on LoveBook®, a personalized book of all the reasons why you love someone. They believed that spreading love, in all its forms, was an important goal. Whether the book was intended for a romantic relationship, a friend, or family member, their online system could provide a way to help the user express their love for any individual in an adorable keepsake.

Throughout the 14 years since LoveBook® began, they built an amazing team of talented software engineers, designers, and customer relations experts to help fulfill their mission of connecting people and building relationships through LoveBook®'s various products.

LoveBook® about us group


PURPOSE: To share and spread love between individuals, couples, and families.

MISSION: To use technology for creating products & services that enable people to build relationships in creative ways.

VISION: To be a conscious force for love, connection, and prosperity. We believe in helping the world share positivity through love.


executive team

Kevin ZalewskiKevin Zalewski

Kevin Zalewski

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Loves puppies and sneezing.

Chris SonjeowChris Sonjeow

Chris Sonjeow

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Loves Vegas, dogs, and gaming.

John BaranowskiJohn Baranowski

John Baranowski

Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer

Loves Hallmark movies and driving fast.

Rob PattersonRob Patterson

Rob Patterson

Co-Founder & Advisor

Loves trees and scary movies.

Jay AdelsonJay Adelson

Jay Adelson

Chief Strategy Officer

Loves pinball.

Jeff CoveyJeff Covey

Jeff Covey

Chief Financial Officer

Loves boating and northern Michigan.

Steve RichSteve Rich

Steve Rich

Chief Legal Officer

Loves brevity, strong melody, and pretty lights.

Adam MerrifieldAdam Merrifield

Adam Merrifield

Chief Technology Officer

Loves creating new experiences.


Keith GKeith G

Keith G

Vice President of Engineering

Loves yard work.

Nick BaranowskiNick Baranowski

Nick Baranowski

Software Engineer

Loves butterfly kisses and pumpkin spice lattes.

Kevin CKevin C

Kevin C

Software Engineer

Loves horsepower, tools, beer, and nature.

Connor WConnor W

Connor W

Quality Assurance Specialist

Loves letting matches burn down to his fingertips just to feel something.


Jenni SJenni S

Jenni S

Creative Director

Loves traveling and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Brendan MBrendan M

Brendan M

Director of Design

Loves typography and long walks to the beer fridge.

Elizabeth PersonElizabeth Person

Elizabeth Person

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Loves animated movies and learning new things.

Nate RadowskiNate Radowski

Nate Radowski

Photographer & Videographer

Loves cameras, hip-hop, & traveling.


Michael CMichael C

Michael C

Director of Marketing

Loves Family, Poms, & the Fresh Coast.

Samantha SSamantha S

Samantha S

Digital Marketing Specialist

Loves craft cocktails, trips to the mountains, and dogs.

Julia TripiJulia Tripi

Julia Tripi

Social Media Specialist

Loves traveling, sushi, & online shopping.

Halsey Jackson

Halsey Jackson


Loves writing, traveling, & her 2 cats.

customer relations

Tony DTony D

Tony D

Director of Operations & Relations

Loves cocktails, sushi, and superheroes.

Liam LLiam L

Liam L

Customer Relations Supervisor

Loves spooky movies, a good sandwich, and sloths.

Rhonda MRhonda M

Rhonda M

Operations Specialist

Loves travel, puppies, and chocolate.

Nikki WNikki W

Nikki W

Building Administration

Loves her kids, baking, and watching Red Wings hockey.

Jen R

Jen R

Customer Relations

Loves superhero movies, a good book, and my kids.


Kaye BKaye B

Kaye B

Director of Administration

Loves her kids and going 'Up North'.

Ron C

Ron C

Vice President of Product Development


Melisa RMelisa R

Melisa R

Contract & Compliance Manager

Loves tree swings, night swimming, and the Orion constellation.

Jessica H

Jessica H

Accounting Assistant

VIP (very important pupper)



Professional morale booster

Loves rubber duckies, beanbags, and being a sassy pants.